Studio of
Ole Martin Kristiansen



Ekebergparken is a sculpture and national heritage park in Oslo. It opened in 2013 and features work by great artists such as Marina Abramovich, James Turell, Louise Bourgeois and many others.


Design and concept for the website and iOS application. Done while working at Uniform in collaboration with the wonderful Cecilie Berg Børge-Ask, Jolene Medonca and Simon Bognø. 


Website development by Tudor Prisăcariu and app development by Brewin’ Apps.

Photo credits

Ivar Kvaal and Florian Holzherr

App for the visitors

The Ekebergparken iOS application is an important tool for the visitors. Some of the sculptures are located in rough terrain – in the middle of a small forest making some of then hard to discover, even for the locals.

By using the app’s built in navigation tool the visitors can guide themselves around in their own pace.