Studio of
Ole Martin Kristiansen

Lysebu Concierge

The digital concierge is there to make life easier for the guests staying at Lysebu. The service offers information about the hotel, books tables in the restaurant and has a list of curated cultural activities in Oslo. 

The concierge also includes an interactive, hand drawn map of the Holmenkollen area that serves as a helpful guide to the guests.


Idea and concept development. 
Lead visual designer.


Done while working at Uniform.

Development by Værsågod.
Illustrations by Anje Jager.

Interactive map

A hand drawn map of the surrounding area shows the visitor great places to visit. Forest paths, the ski museum, historic sites and the famous Holmenkollbakken is all included in the map.

Book a table

You can book a table at one of Oslo’s finest restaurants directly from the concierge.